iqra aziz and yasir hussain

Yasir and Iqra post wedding activities

Cheesy Comments are still their style

Followed by Yasir and Iqra’s wedding, they planned to take a break from the work and spend some time together. In the age of hustle and technology they still manage to enjoy the classic crunch of relationship. A cute naughty relationship and cheesy looks and lines for each other is still in trending for them.
The cheesy yet cute caption lines by Yasir and Iqra can be viewed in following picture.

Cheesy captions by Yasir
Cheesy captions by Yasir

Not only Yasir Hussain post cheesy caption lines for Iqra but Iqra Aziz does the same for her husband. The love from both sides is equal and complementing.

Cheesy captions by Iqra
Cute caption by Iqra Aziz for Yasir Hussain

Caring is love

From caring for each other to being supportive, from teasing each other to holding each others back, they are best partners and better halves. Making each other happy is the ultimatum for them. It can be viewed in the picture below.

Iqra Yasir holiday picture
Iqra Yasir holiday picture

The couple follow the trend and fits best in every outlook. Rocking in Sri Lanka they look best in western outlook as well as in desi sarhee look. Both looks can be viewed below

Haters need to watch their way

Still the negative comments and haters continue to say bad things. Yasir Hussain is also not coming slow. He had been seen replying such comments and a few of them can be seen below

Despite of all the hate speeches and trolling, they continue to enjoy their lives leaving behind all the negativity. They compliment each other with the best of their inputs. Where the people are busy demotivating them and letting them down they have a huge mass of people who adore them and consider them the idle to follow. Their lifestyle and relation is considered couple goals by a huge mass of people.
Their pre wedding journey and their wedding stories are be viewed from the following link:

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