Ukhano case: Is he a womanizer?

A lot of girls have come forward against a Vlogger, Blogger and a photographer Umar Khan (aka UKHANO) for apparently harassing them. Many of them asked to hide their identities as they don’t want to expose themselves. So the question arises that is Ukhano a womanizer? Or these are just the allegations to defame him?

As we know that this is the age of technology and internet. In addition to this no video proof of Ukhano being a cunt is provided. No girl has yet given any interview against him. The shared proves are just screenshots of some chats of Instagram and snapchat. Here arises the two situations. Ukhano is really a cunt or a group of haters is trying to trap him. The screenshots are as following.

The majority of proves show that he has done explicit chats with girls and tried to lure minor girls in his vulgar den. The audience is also inclined towards this side of picture. But he said that he will take legal actions against all these screenshots and defaming.

Now let me discuss the other side of the pictures. The very first thing is that ukhano never learnt a script to sext a girl but all the girls are sharing a scripted story. The same way of flirting and the same response of ukhano when the girls refused to go by. The second thing is that in this age of technology we have applications to create fake chats of every platform (i.e. Facebook messenger, Instagram, snapchat and text messages). The people saying that the girls who came forward and shared all these are so courageous. I ask that if so why have they blurred out their names? If ukhano is so guilty and they are so right then why you are afraid of being exposed. It is clearly hiding the real face of picture.

The third thing is that in two way conversations why the messages of those girls blurred out? It clearly means that those girls were involved with him. They showed selected messages to defame him and manipulating the audience by sharing bits of conversation. However the real one will never hide the complete story.

The legal way to take an action against harassment is to seek help from FIA instead of defaming a person and intruding his personal life. Attacking dignity of a man is a crime. And one must know the difference between “Flirting and harassment”. In addition to all this the public should never forget the phrase “Innocent until proven Guilty”. Well this video explains a lot of misunderstandings caused by his haters:

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