Our Courts are Hanged?

“My mother held my feet and my father put his turban in my lap to stop me from suicide”, said Mukhtaran Mai in TEDx Karachi. “I wanted to die after being raped by four men”. (TEDx Talks)

In 2002 Mukhtaran Mai was raped by four men as a punishment on the requests of village board in light of her brother’s unlawful association with a village lady. Notwithstanding this she was threatened to be murdered by the accused families to cover the case. She proceeded with her case in spite of the fact that it went invalid and void. Yet it was 2002 and raped was viewed as a wrongdoing not a fun play.

The assault issues were simply expected to be tranquil and afterward in 2010, a student of class 10 was assaulted in Khipro, Sanghar district, Sindh. As normal the police demonstrated no intrigue and because of this around 950 girls were halted from being taught in schools. Later such cases expanded this proportion to 72%. It was a genuine ruin for girl’s education in Sindh. The administration of Sindh demonstrated no enthusiasm for this case. Moreover, of being assaulted the video of the young lady was additionally made and later it was transferred on the explicit site.

Another group was named by numerous families and young ladies that comprised of 17 young men and 5 young ladies who used to trap young noys and girls, assault them, made recordings and after that transferred them on pornographic sites. Dishonorably every one of them belonged to honorable and decent families. These groups are not working just in Khripro but rather likewise in different cities of country, significantly in Sindh. It has turned into a method for income by blackailing the families by demonstrating them recordings of their children being raped. Families had paid in several lac yet still recordings are uploaded and courts are hanged rather than the culprits.

In Sanghar, December 2010, four young fellows recorded their confession about drugging a young lady of ninth class, recording her video and afterward in the wake of rapping her they transferred that on different explicit sites. people should approach police for assistance. Before going to court police is the only hope. But this hope was murdered when three police men assaulted a young lady in Pindi. A 22 years of age lady was forced to get into the vehicle and was assaulted.

And a long list of rape and murder cases including Zainab murder case. Furthermore, the young lady of Kasoor. But recently, young Frishta was assaulted and after that killed in capital (Islamabad). Farishta’s dad told that in spite of filling the FIR police told that she may have ran with somebody disregarding that she is just 10.

We are living in the society where assault is viewed as a demonstration of adulthood rather than crime. In spite of soul shaking tragedies spreading quickly in our country we are occupied in cracking adult rape jokes like What’s black and blue and hates sex? A rape victim.

These acts should never be entertained. We raise mottos while protecting and on international Women’s day saying “our girls are our pride” and “girls are not less than boys”. Why just we stop telling people that we are supporting girls. Why won’t we consider that they don’t need our support because they are strong enough. I question that have you ever raised a board saying boys are better. No definitely no! because it is understood. The people who say that girls get raped because of their freedom and getting out of the house. I question them that what would they say about that young angel who was just 2 months old and was raped by a relative in hospital room. Covered in blood she died.

Right around 3445 youngsters were assaulted in mid-2018. Rather than hanging law, culprits ought to be hanged. Try not to tell people that girls are superior to young men or how to help young ladies. rather than putting hard work in it simply slap your boy and say him to lower his eyes and control his desire and put the cynicism into something positive.