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Beauty Hacks with Lemon

Written by Zujajah

Are you worried about your hair, nails and skin? Or do you want a treatment but your pocket says no? And still there is no guarantee of treatment being successful to balance your expenses. Worried enough! Just relax and have a glass for cold fresh lemonade. Before spending your money on beauty products and dermatologist take out a lemon out of your kitchen to make your own effective and cheap remedies.

Lemon contains potassium, calcium, citric acid, vitamin C, magnesium and alpha hydroxyl acid that helps you to take care of your nails, skin and hair.

Removing blackheads with lemon

Blackheads occur due to dust, oil and hair follies in open pores. It is a light type of acne. People state various ways to remove dark circles using stick or by applying masks but one is painful and other is not as much effective and both are not natural ways.
For this remedy wash your face and dry it. Take a lemon, slice it into two pieces and rub it on your blackhead areas. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and see the magic. Lemon contains citric acid that helps to eradicate the blackheads.

Lighten skin

Lemon has skin lightning properties. It contains vitamin C and bleaching properties that helps to lighten you skin. All you need to do is peel off a cucumber and slice it. Put it in a blender. Take out the cucumber paste and add lemon juice in it. Pour some honey. Mix well and apply on your skin. Massage for five minutes and then leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with normal water.
Cucumber will hydrate and freshen your skin. Lemon will lighter the skin tones and it will dull the dark spots. Honey will moisturize your skin.

Hair dye

If you don’t have time to get the perfect hair look. Stop worrying because here’s the best remedy to dye your hair using no money. Take a shower bottle fill ¼ with water and ¾ with lemon. Mix well and spray on your hair. Put on a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with normal water and apply a conditioner as lemon can dry your hair. The more time you will leave it on hair the lighter they will become.

Acne scar removal

All you need is rose water, capsule of vitamin E and a table spoon of lemon juice. Mix them all and apply it on your face with the help of cotton.
Rose water will freshen up your skin. Lemon will prevent acne and adds glow to your skin as it has antibacterial bleaching properties that helps to reduce and prevent acne, allergies and dark spots. Vitamin E will help repair your dead cells along with moisturizing your skin.

Lemon scrub

If you are out of your scrub, take a table spoon of sugar and squeeze a lemon in it. Mix it well with spoon and then apply the mixture on your skin using the squeezed lemon as a massager. Sugar will scrub your face and lemon will cleanse it, help it glow and be bacteria free.

Get the glow

If you want your nails and skin to have a natural shin then take out a glass, fill it with warn water and squeeze half lemon in it. Drink it before your breakfast. It will help you to maintain your weight. It also helps in digestion and lemon will also make your nails and skin shinny.

Strong nails

A lot of girls have the problem of decolored, week nails that are easily broken. Apply lemon on both sides of nails or dip your nails in lemon juice for 5 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. It will help to fix color your yellow nails and make them stronger than before.

Lighten elbows and armpits

If you have high amount of melanin in your skin, cut a lemon into two halves and rub it on your dark spots and see the magic. It contains the bleaching properties due to high presence of vitamin C.

Lemon moisturizer

Worried about dry skin, especially in winters? All you have to do is take an empty bottle, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 4 tablespoons of glycerin and half cup rose water. Mix it well and use it as a moisturizer before going to bed.

Lemon cleanser

If you have problematic skin, squeeze few drops of lemon and rose water on your cleansing wipes and use is as a toner.

The confident smile

If you have pale teeth and toothpaste isn’t enough then add a few drops on lemon juice in baking soda and a pinch of salt and apply on your teeth with toothbrush. You can also add toothpaste to it. It will remove paleness and give you the confident smile.

Lip scrub

Mix a few drops of lemon juice in honey and massage it on your lips for 5 minute. It will remove dead skin from your lips giving you a nice smooth, pulpy lips.

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