Have you seen the sun before?

Have you seen the sun before?
Have you seen it kissing the horizon?
It’s dying…
But it’s beautiful
It’s terminating but it has hope
A hope to rise again
And hope to shine again
A hope to leave its lap again
A hope to kiss its back again
But it’s not hope…
It’s believe
Believe in new beginning
Believe in nature
Nature that is never wrecked
Cause it’s creator is all Almighty
Yes, He is Allah the all Almighty!

~ Zujajah

2 Replies to “Have you seen the sun before?”

    1. Very nice.U have more potential as i thinks.not in urbu bt also in english.
      Every time when i read ur poetry i can wonder that u can write it.
      Plzz don’t lit him.

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